Welcome to Yesteryear Farm and Country Corgis!
Blue Water Greetings from Zsolt, Pam, and Hanna!
Hi Fellow Corgi and garden lovers,
We are not currently breeding our adorable, sweet-tempered Pembroke Welsh Corgis, the little dogs with big dog hearts favored by discriminating dog-lovers!
Just 2 miles from the beautiful blue waters of Lake Huron we raise annuals and perennials, fruits, herbs, bees, vegetables, and chickens naturally. Last year a hot spring followed by late frosts resulted in an almost total crop failure of orchard fruits, and an extremely small crop of strawberries and asparagus. We are busily pruning, weeding, and planting in hopes of a much better season this year.
In spring we enjoy strawberries and asparagus, followed by peas and lettuce. Summer brings the main garden bounty of vegetables, raspberries, and hopefully blueberries this year. Late summer and fall bring pears, apples, grapes and fall raspberries. We also sell delicious brown and blue eggs from out free-range chickens. We love to give garden tours-each child gets a free plant.
Stop in for tea!
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